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PKI middleware for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Includes pre-boot, TPM and soft token support. For all-scale government, enterprise and authentication projects

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a Bluetooth or WIFI based all-in-one software solution for smart phones with an optional support for microSD cards, replaces a physical smart card and a smart card reader, provides secure pin entry by default

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PKI made simple and affordable for small organizations: applet loading, card initialization and personalization, PIN management, handling of certificates, keys and data objects running on your desktop


, idf15 119x70 18 - 20 Aug 2015
San Francisco, California, USA
, anniversary 119x70 22 Sep 2015
Munich, Germany
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charismathics and Intel team up for Intel's Identity Protection on 5th Gen Core™ vPro™

the charismathics PKI client is now available together with all vPro and mobile vPro chipsets more …

charismathics delivers key components for Oak Ridge National Laboratory

the National Test Lab within the US chooses charismathics for all their different platforms more …

Fujitsu and charismathics Team-Up on Network Scanning Solutions

charismathics PKI technology in Fujitsu network scanners more …

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